Alisa Velasquez releases shimmering electro-pop gem ‘Hold me Close’

Ever find a song so catchy you feel as if you must have heard it before? Well ‘Hold me Close’ by Alisa Velasquez is definitely that song for me!

A rippling synth line, punchy clean beat and Alisa’s gorgeous RnB tinged vocals plus instant ear worm lyrics make this track so feel good it’s impossible to finish listening to it without having a smile on your face!

Written by Alisa and Produced by Alisa’s partner Hana Sushi the track tells a pure old fashioned, undiluted tale of love, happiness and new romance. The pair obviously have a natural synchronicity romantically and in the studio; therefore it is no surprise their debut release is inspired by their own blossoming relationship.

This dynamic duo aim for listeners to take away the feeling of wanting to keep the person they love close and hug them tight – they wish to
spread the feeling of happiness and joy that they share between each
other to their audience and I must say they have 100% succeed with this gem of a single!

Listen to ‘Hold Me Close’ by Alisa Velasquez and Hana Sushi on Spotify here: