Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with poignant and pure debut single! A new musical discovery, a singer who for almost 10 years has divided his time playing in psych groups and experimenting with different experimental electronic projects… We present Nicholas Comaratta, aka Marjorine, who after all these years has decided to channel his musical talent and give life to a new solo project. 

Today we want to talk about his debut single just released under the title “Salton Sea“, which is the result of all his experiences and the testimony of his musical versatility. Marjorine will capture your attention and your ears, hypnotize you with her guitar laps and explosive rhythms! The singer takes us by the hand and takes us with him in his new musical project; by the end of the year will also be released his debut album, so stay connected!

When the drums come in it’s just the drums!

Check out “Salton Sea” and follow below!