A multi-faceted artist: Buenos Diaz is the stage name of musician Nick Diaz. He started playing as a child and slowly learned to make music by himself, trying to absorb as much as possible from the experiences of the others. As he grew up, he played and performed live at several venues in Houston, being noted as an aspiring guitarist at only 18 and then invited to work on tour for Europe at 22. A long career on the rise that demonstrates the talent of this young artist, who has always tried to learn as much as possible from the artists he met and worked with, bringing his musical education even further! Today we want to talk about his latest musical successes…

Remember” is a compilation of songs that Nick Diaz wrote on his return from a trip to India. Every song gets inside you and makes you think as if the words could really penetrate you. And so all the tracks face important issues such as heroin addiction and the loss of a friend after a long battle with opiate; the time spent by Diaz in India, where he was able to visit places that have inevitably left a mark inside him, a sign that Nick wants to express and sing to all his listeners. Then we find a simple love pop song, which starts from the Beatles, and then grooves and guitars, and at the end quiet and poetic melodies, as if Diaz wanted to lull you. Despite the fact that the EP “Remember” took him a long time during last year, a few days ago Diaz released his last single entitled “Inauguration Day“, the result of the latest chaotic events at the American Capitol in Washington DC. This is his latest success, but stay tuned because during 2021 other releases are planned!

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