#ARTISTPROMOTION| “WE COULD START A THING” with amazingly talented TWAN RAY’s new single.

There’s nothing harder than finding the strengths to face ourselves. Artists can be their own worst enemies and it could take a long time before some of them will find the courage to discover their inner self.
This is why I was so impressed when I’ve heard TWAN RAY‘s new track “WE COULD START A THING“.

Even tho the artist is just 20 years old, his sound and his writing are way more mature for his age.
With over 60 million streams on his songs, this guy is the talk of the town and To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

The song reminds me of the indie aesthetic sonorities of THE XX twisted with some TIME IMPALA’s vibes. The slightly husky voice of Netherlands based singer is a pleasure to listen and the whole track it’s perfect in his whole simplicity.
As you know, if all you need to fall in love with an artist are his voice and a guitar, it means that you’ve just found a great talent.
And trust us, TWAN RAY’s one of those.

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