STATIC travels back to the 80s with his new EP ‘When I’m Falling”

Static is a DIY-spirit project from Melbourne, under the artistry of Joseph Ling, vocals and synths, and mastered by Jessica Thompson. Chatting with Joseph brought me back to my favourite time in music, the punk and grunge era – what a treat for my nostalgic soul 😉 Today we are going to explore his second EP called ‘When I’m Falling’, released this year, in a small room at Joseph’s, during lockdown….

Orchestra of Cardboard releases dark-folk single ‘Black Flag’

The Orchestra of Cardboard are Dan Edelstyn, songwriter and filmmaker from London and the American singer and songwriter Jolie Holland from LA. ‘Black Flag’ is their newest release from the album ‘The Antidote’, in collaboration with Nick Graham Smith, multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in São Paulo and Stevie Weinstein-Foner, again in LA.


London-based singer-songwriter Duncan Spencer is back with his latest and greatest single entitled ‘Silhouettes’. The hauntingly blues-heavy folk-rock track tackles politics, freedom of speech and family influences and relatable socio-political subject matter through the lens of love. The track is simply stunning and brimming with artistic authentic and prowess. Duncan’s passions …