KRISTOPHER releases acoustic melodic gem ‘Liar’

Orlando-based singer and songwriter, KRISTOPHER, has just released his first single, ‘Liar’, now available on digital stores. ‘Liar’ is the final result of KRISTOPHER’s teenage and school experiences that triggered a profound need to write about his feelings and put them into music. Thanks to his choir teacher, who encouraged him to begin his still ongoing journey in music, KRISTOPHER became more aware of the potentiality of his voice that stands out in this melodic music piece…

BUKKY SKY is ‘Amazing’

Bradford born, London based, Bukky Sky has just released his new banger ‘Amazing’, a complex and absolutely exquisite piece of music.
Bukky Sky’s influences are The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Beirut, Benjamin Clementine, Ian Brown, Portishead and Feist. Trip-hop nuances are tangible and amazingly blended with BS’ voice that is full of passion and grows gradually and unstoppable.
Elegant, classy, sexy, the ‘Amazing’ video is an old fashioned movie, that brings us back to the magnetic atmospheres of Portishead, with a spellbinding retro texture…

JEWELIA releases intimate jewel ‘Maze’

Jewelia is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Romania. In 2020 she wrote and released a song on the 20th of every month, as part of a self-challenge she called “Project2020”. Her single ‘Maze’ and the music video, produced by Jewelia and her partner in their flat during lockdown, are now respectively out on digital stores and YouTube – Jewelia’s shoulders covered in black feathers, bring to mind the unfallen angels of the Alexander McQueen’s exhibition ‘Savage Beauty’, except that she has sweet eyes…

BRIE SPAULDING and her sweetest lullaby ‘Flowers for the Dead’

Brie Spaulding is a polinstrumentalist and producer, who has just released her dark and melancholic jewel, called ‘Flowers for the Dead’, out now on digital stores. Inspired by Banks, FINNEAS, Clairo, Billie Eilish, Sabrina Claudio, and VÉRITÉ, just to name a few, the artist recorded the electro pop tune soaked in emo vibes, in her home studio, from production to mastering….

The SEVEN RED LIONS evolution with the new single ‘Under the Skin’

‘Under the Skin’ is the new single signed by Seven Red Lions from London, released in December 2020. This new tune marks the beginning of a new era for the band, that shifts from indie rock to a more folk and minimalist sound. 7RL are lead singer and guitarist David Lion, bassist Sara Priegue and Chris Coronel, a multinational (Mexico and Portugal) community that came together to mix their influences and backgrounds…

RAE KELLY and her ancient echo ‘Ignorant as Icarus’

I’m super excited to introduce you today to Rae Kelly, a Dublin-born singer, songwriter and composer, currently based in Hertfordshire, UK. Her new single, released last December has an intriguing and provoking name, ‘Ignorant as Icarus’, as well as intriguing and mesmerising is the structure / non-structure of this chamber-pop gem, where the voice lyes on the non-stop piano pattern – it sounds like Tori Amos had a strong influence here – and other instruments layer up with no rush, to unveil a complex tapestry of notes. Rae, who started with music at 10, after finishing a degree in Music Technology and Ancient Classics…

Revolutionary SATRE reveals his new banger ‘To Me’

Satre’s identity is as complex as his multifaceted sound, that blends pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, classic, chill, lo- Fi, RnB, funk, blues and reggae. His latest release is called ‘To Me’ and landed on Spotify and other stores in 2020. ‘To Me’ is a superbly produced catchy piece, where the Rhianna’s style vocal texture fluctuates on the punchy RnB background. “A word is actually a sound, a wave” explains Satre, “in a world saturated with useless words, I try to communicate with my music…I have no limits and I don’t follow established rules or schemes….

AARON YORKE and the new jewel ‘Difficult Year’

‘Difficult Year” is the new soothing and elegant jewel signed by Aaron Yorke, released last December and praised by BBC Radio, that defines his work as a “Songsmith of soaring vocals and sensitively crafted tunes”.
During these difficult times, when we all need cuddly moments, the Worcester-based songwriter, gives us an intimate piece that makes us reflect on the almost “unnamable” 2020, but also on painful life facts as a divorce.”Difficult Year’ sounds like the calm after the storm, it’s not a sad song, but on the opposite, it carries that good energy of rebirth..