Hailing from Oslo, Temperature Falls are one of Norway’s most unique and promising duos in past years. Comprised of vocalist and lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, the band first came into prominence with the release of their eponymous debut album last year. Inspired by the likes of Björk, Portishead and Pearl …


Nineteen-year-old Norwegian based pop singer-songwriter PLENTY a.k.a Pernille crafts a delicious dichotomy of brooding dark and twinkly bubblegum pop. Recently graduation form the infamous Lillehammer Institute Of Music Production started by production due Stargate. Influenced by the likes of Britney Spears, Billie Eilish, The Pussycat Dolls and many other dark pop …

Electrifying flow and inspirational songwriting – In conversation with King Logan

King Logan is a hip-hop and rap talent based in Pennsylvania, US. Real name Joshua Majka, he is the mastermind behind B.A.D., an unapologetic and electrifying club banger, set to turn heads and place the track high up in the charts. Boasting honest and specific songwriting, King Logan aims to inspire those around him, through messages of gratefulness and compassion, derived from his turbulent background. Intrigued by the project’s general outlook, we decided to sit down with Logan and find out more about his electrifying flow and extraordinary musicality. Here’s what he told us:

Alt-pop talent in the making – In Conversation with Joel Holmes

We recently came across Joel Holmes, 22-year-old musician from South Derbyshire. With only a single out, last year’s ‘The Red Wall’, it caught our attention for his intimate and hidden songwriting, blended with an ethereal and otherworldly arrangement. Placing himself as a alt-pop kid, lost in electronic soundscapes and a certain blues feeling, Holmes is set to come back to the spotlight soon, with fresh new material in the works. We caught up with him, to find out more about his artistry and his creative processes. Here’s what happened:

Vibrant colours and unapologetic attitude – In Conversation with L E A

Exuberant pop outfit L E A recently released an upbeat jewel, the single ‘Get Over Yourself’. Marked by a no-excuses attitude and a fierce character, the singer takes it upon herself to give the listener a joyful and proud musical journey, together with a very colourful visual aesthetic. Curious and hooked on the project, we decided to find out more about L E A’s artistry, confident she is an artist and songwriter we’ll hear soon more from. Here’s what she told us: