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TRACK: Window

ARTIST: Malina Claire

RELEASE DATE: 09/10/2020

First up this week we have Malina Claire, the solo project of the Gold Coast’s Emily Hollitt. Through music, Malina mixes the melancholic heartache of her personal experiences with mental health, domestic abuse and sexual violence to create music that both tears at your heartstrings and presents a comfort blanket for herself and the listener. Expertly fusing indie-folk and cinematic pop, her songs transcend music and instead appear as experiences. Her latest release entitled ‘Window’ is a stunning sad piano ballad, undeniably exposed and raw. Malina displays an emotional intensity and knowledge displayed in few others her senior, proving through the music she can truly get through anything.

A refreshingly vulnerable and honest ballad that will make you think a little, looking out the window.

TRACK: Sail On

ARTIST: Juhan Ongbrian

RELEASE DATE: 27/10/2020

Next up we have Los Angeles-based, Jazz Fusion artist, producer and guitarist, Juhan Ongbrian. His latest release entitled ‘Sail On’ follows on from his 2019 EP ‘Mood Swings’. Serving as a mirror to Juhan’s oscillating persona, the track is full of authentically organic elements and sounds, washy reverb and heavenly melodies. A simplistic yet beautiful concoction of new-age lo-fi and Jazz, Juhan further experiments with his ever-evolving sound and playing style. Applying his guitar techniques and performance to melodically reflect the mood of the world today. The song also features Adrian Michael on drums and Austin Smith on bass.

An instrumental track for those who are looking to step back from the mania of life and spend some time reflecting.

TRACK: KerenDun

ARTIST: Afternoon

RELEASE DATE: 06/11/2020

Next up we have KerenDun of Buttering Trio, returning with a new two-track single titled ‘Afternoon’. Delivering her signature super smooth vocals with fluid melodic flair and colourful lyricism that offer a peek into her life. Collaborating with drummer Yuval Garin & trumpet player Roee Hermon, the jazz and soul influence on the project is evident and vocally it feels reminiscent of a hybrid of Tune-Yards and Fiona Apple. Paired with an intimate video that invites the viewer for a visual experience in KerenDun’s tripped-out world. The video is directed and edited by Tel Aviv’s local legend Ben Kirschenbaum who has worked with the likes of Lola Marsh, Garden City Movement and Noga Erez.

Perfect to vibe to when out walking or cooking, Kerenduns music is an instant mood booster for anyone and everyone’s ears.

TRACK: Touch Fire

ARTIST: Malen Markussen

RELEASE DATE: 06/11/2020

Finally we have Oslo native independent artist and songwriter Malene Markussen. Crafting pop music tinged with melancholia and her signature powerfully emotive vocals, Malene has already release two Norwegian albums ‘Aldri I Ro‘ and ‘Under Vann‘. Malene has had an impressive amount of success with some of her songs amassing over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Her latest release entitled ‘Touch Fire‘ is the second catchy single from the upcoming EP. Now focused on expanding her horizons outside of Norway, Malene is sharing her bold pop sound with new audiences.

An addictively good pop banger, a must listen!

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