ZANE COPPARD feat. Outback – ‘Way Off’ from Dupoint EP

‘Way Off’ premiered from ‘Dupoint EP’, is produced by Zane Coppard feat. James Miller AKA Outback.  They met each other while playing as the backing band for lo-fi neo soul artist Diamond Cafè.

Having collaborated on each other’s personal releases it was only a matter of time before cementing their love for dance music with ‘Dupoint EP’. Drawing from unlike samples, cassette recordings, dub, drum and bass, house and pop, ‘Way Off’ is a homage to Zane and Jasper’s love of music.

Since the right beginning of the track, you can understand that ‘Way off’ is indeed the perfect futurist electro-pop, result of an ideal mix of electronic drums, synth bass, samples, piano and vocals. The synth bass and the piano accompany the sensual vocals all the way towards the end.

As Zane mentioned: ‘Way Off’ is poking fun at the music industry in a way. It’s a commentary on the energy of having to get ahead at whatever cost and the competitiveness/inflated egos which that creates. The energy behind this song and this EP is about connecting with you why you make music in the first place, for the love of it’