Tina Rez showcases her top-tier vocals in debut EP ‘Take Me As I Am’

We are always pleased to discover new raw musical talent, especially the ones who didn’t have a clear path, but had to fight to conquer what they were looking for. That’s the case for Tina Rez, Australian singer-songwriter with a powerful and expressive voice. 

Mother of two, Tina is releasing her debut single ‘Take Me As I Am’, with a strong message aimed to inspire others who might find themselves in abusive situations. At 28-years-old, the Aussie singer comes from a story of abuse and vulnerability, slowly fighting her way to a better future. After overcoming all that, Tina Rez was able to return to music and express her inner self through the tools of music, a field she is very much proficient in.

Tina has stories to tell! Facing major obstacles to get to where she has always dreamt of. Struggling with those close to her depriving her from being who she is meant to be, to be herself and to use her voice, she was once locked up inside herself and she was someone she was never meant to be. But that’s not the Tina she is today! How is she where she is today? She will no longer let anyone stand in her way! 

Tina Rez

‘Take Me As I Am’ is contained into a homonym 4-tracks EP. Opening with mesmerising synth stabs, the track highlights Rez’s songwriting qualities, through honey-like melodies and a hooky chorus. We are fans! Looking forward to see where Tina’s musical journey lands next. 

In the meantime, listen to ‘Take Me As I Am’ on Spotify: