The Giant Low – Gates of Hell Review

The Giant Low is a new alternative rock band from Nijmegen, Netherlands with of vocalist Magnus Malte Olsson, guitarist Maurice Snijders, drummer Paul van de Geijn and bass player John Munnich. Together, they bring ‘the dreamy melancholy of the endless Swedish taiga to the Low Countries’. In December 2020, the Dutch/Swedish band debuted with the video clip of their first single called ‘Gates of Hell’. The video is filmed in a former spinning mill factory by director Michelle Fesenmeier. It is this song Gates of Hell which we will explore today.

This debut track by The Giant Low is a great rock track that has particular focus on the commanding and unique voice of Olsson. His vocal style captures your attention with meaningful lyrics, You feel the journey he takes you on with this track. But the vocals are only part of what makes this great production, the echoed guitar playing gives the melancholy lyrics uplifting life which is an interesting contrast. In this sense, it is similar to the style of Echo & The Bunnymen. Which is always a plus!

Early 2021 The Giant Low will release their debut EP, recorded in the Galloway Studio by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt, who also worked with Jim White, Yawning Man and Shaking Godspeed. We are excited to see what this new group does.

We love this track, we encourage you all to listen and follow this great upcoming band!