Taylor T teaches us how to love on his new EP

The UK singer-songwriter Taylor T has come a long way. From his travels to Australia, New Zealand to finally ending up back in the UK touring and writing new music. Heavily influenced by Ben Howard, he created his new EP ‘Learn How To Love’. The result is a 5-track body of work about love and nostalgia. The tracks seem all connected by a recurring theme and sound. As a singer-songwriter Taylor T mainly plays acoustic guitar which accompanies his strong and raw vocals he isn’t shy to showcase. True emotion shines through his vocal style and can be likened to artists such as Dermott Kennedy.

Taylor T has been releasing original music since 2016. By continuously touring he has managed to build a loyal fanbase across the world. The EP features tracks ‘Learn How To Love’, ‘Home Not Hollow’, ‘Flow Again’, 24 (Truth) and ‘A Place That I Have Dreamed’. All dominated by similar effects, they tell stories of his pursuit of true love. Deeply emotional tales from the heart. It takes courage for an artist to portray such honesty in lyrics and expression, but Taylor T naturally wears his heart on his sleeve. The perfect compilation to dream the day away and swoon along to these beautiful love songs.

The EP ‘Learn How To Love’ was released in December 2020 and is available on all platforms.