Swedish Pop Outfit Stranded Mermaid Return With Cinematic Dreamscape Ballad ‘First Heat’

Mixing the sonically unique and atmospheric elements of FKA Twigs with the delicacy and cinematic aura of Lana Del Rey, Swedish indie self-produced group Stranded Mermaid creates their own unique approach of storytelling.

Their latest First Heat offers a unique analysis of feeling young, growing older and clinging on to all the youthfulness that you can. “I don’t want to forget this feeling” sings the band’s lead vocalist Louise Lindenger over orchestral synths, diving the listener deep inside a gentle dreamscape experience. The song grows more epic in the bridge section of the song- the sounds of the track feeling nostalgic, as if it is pulling you back into your past.

With a unique mix of Western pop music and traditional folk elements, the group utilise electronic elements with live instrumentation to create atmospheres and soundscapes best catered to capture the ears and the hearts of their listeners with their stories. The lyrics are designed to evoke strong imagery in the minds of the audience, going along with the picturesque movie-like approach to the production.

“When the first heat touches our skin, we forget who we are in the warming. We rush like flies on a blue lagoon. End up getting drunk in the deep monsoon,”

Through the metaphor comparing flocks of insects to groups of young people, the song brilliantly captures how intrinsically close to each other and connected we feel in our friendship groups during our youthful years.

First heat is not a rarity for the band, having a huge back catalogue of gorgeous experimental pop music infused rare instruments and various inspiration.

You can listen to First Heat and check out more from the group via the links below: