SUNLUST: Showing the depth of Toronto

Now you might already know but Toronto, Canada has a huge influence over the industry with big names such as Drake, Peaches and Jessie Reyez. Sunlust, however, have been circuiting the area building up their grunge sound with sonical influences such as Drug Church (US), Guillotine (UK) and even Turnstile (US) – in a loose way. The female-fronted trio reference an exciting and energetic sound that visually correlates with the huge worldwide independent touring groups. Forging their own path, the group came together amid the pandemic to record ‘Magnum Opus‘, the second single from their upcoming debut LP. The latest instalment of their punk-rock series about unrequited love.

The tracks vocalist Stephanie utilises a harshness to her fried vocals that adds to the gritty guitar tone. Her fellow bandmates Dan (drums) & Stefano (bass) provide a four to the floor bounce that lends itself to the group’s vibrancy. Establishing a great foundation for themselves and future projects inspired by classic 90s rock, punk and a DIY attitude. They remind me somewhat of UK group Milk Teeth in their style and song arrangement, bringing back those memories of sweaty 50 cap rooms that create the base of grassroots music. Without bands like Sunlust there would be no community, so it’s positive to see a return to normality with ‘Magnum Opus‘.