Starcoast – “Believe in Love” Review

“Starcoast” is a band inspired by a meteor shower from a late night beach walk in their hometown of Virginia Beach (US), to create songs that embody larger than life experiences. The band’s music is less of a specific sound, but rather an overall feeling that leaves behind an optimistic imprint. Today, we talk to you about their latest single “Believe in Love”

The band, composed of Tom Hunter (guitar/vocals), Jim Hunter (bass/harmonies) and David Johns (drums/percussion) has made its main mission to spread love, positive vibes and expansive music to their fans wherever they go. From touring the U.K. to directing their own TV show, the band enjoys a wide variety of activities and devises a great deal of content to a vastly diverse array of fans. The main focus behind all their creations though is to give their audience a space in time where fans can open their minds, release their worries, and be present in the soundscapes and rousing rhythms the band has to offer.

The track itself is an uplifting rock track with exquisite vocals by Hunter with fantastic guitar playing and a rhythmic bass. This track’s chorus works well to hook the listener. By the second chorus, you’ll find yourself singing along to Hunter’s emotive lyric “to move on!” The varied influences of rock, 80s pop and indie are infused in this powerful track that oozes optimistic vibes and a sense of love. We could all use some of that in these crazy times!

Even though this tune dropped into our laps two years ago in the middle of a typical writing session, we felt like there was never a more fitting time to let it out than now. We wrote it in one take. We started playing together and it just happened.

Starcoast’s decision to perfect this amazing track over this period of restrictions and lockdowns have led to perfecting this two year old project to help bring some light into people’s lives. We are sure you’ll fall in love with this track and the band as we have!

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