Singer-Songwriter Sam Way shares his worldly wisdom on new single ‘Livin’

Sam Way ‘Livin’ – Out Now

Singer-Songwriter Sam Way has big plans for 2021. His followers will be excited to hear that he has plenty of new music ready for the months to come. The artist has been releasing music for eight years now, having gained a loyal following. On top of that the Londoner is expecting his first child. Disregarding the ongoing pandemic, that major life event is already enough to get a man to reflect on life, fatherhood and the state of the world.

‘Livin’ embodies exactly all these thoughts that might or might not rush through our heads at the current time. The slow-paced track is underlaid by a great groove that keeps it moving forward. Sam juggles between bitter realities and anxieties of modern life. However, it then releases into this hopeful catchy chorus that feels like it could have been the title track of a 90s/00s TV show such as Dawson’s Creek. The writing structure itself seems very much influenced by those days, where music and TV embodied a sort of nostalgia, a longing for something beautiful but unfulfillable.

Besides his brutally honest lyrics, Sam is a proven storyteller. Effortlessly, he shares personal tales with a pinch of political rhethoric of the working man. Personally, I believe this is the sort of honesty we are missing in todays factory-style music industry. Sam Way has the potential to not just make music as a product but songs with a lasting message. I am glad he takes that chance on ‘Livin’ and we can’t wait to hear what other tales he has in store for us this year.