Sam Dennis – Caught in a Dream Review

Sam Dennis is an American artist originally from New Jersey. He has
been based in Los Angeles, California, since 2014, where he studied
film and art, and works as an actor and designer in addition to music.
This young, multitalented singer/songwriter has a passion for creating
and a desire to put raw emotion into all of his work. Dennis’s poetic,
soulful style holds no inhibitions. Today we are excited to talk about his newest single “Caught in a Dream” now available on all streaming platforms.

“Caught in a Dream” is, as mentioned, full of raw emotion and is beautifully produced with a blend of dreamy guitar and sounds. It incorporates a seamless blend of soul and pop and is reminiscent of early 2000s singer-songwriting ballads which is an era we all love and fills with nostalgia. The lyrics of the track are poetic, in keeping with the themes of powerful emotions Sam aims to unleash in his music.

It is worth noting that this track is completely produced by Sam himself and this is important as the choices of sounds that made up this kind of track reflect the emotions he feels, which in this track are about longing and being, as the song title suggests, caught in a dream. We have been loving this track!

We really recommend checking out “Caught in a Dream” below!