Under the nickname ‘Charlie Curtis’, Saeonin has been producing Techno and House releases for the past six years, hitting the spotlight of Beatport and Traxsource and leading the DJ booth in World-Wide established venues like the Ministry of Sound, The Egg London as well as Café 1001.

This has happened thanks to Saeonin’s most significant influences, such as his family that allowed him to discover a wide range of different sounds as well as groups like Vanilla, Emancipator, Leavv, Karuna and Tenno to cite just a few.

Recently, he has decided to move towards ChillHop, LoFi and everything inbetween, with a sweet taste for indie-electronic. Although teasing about producing music in his bedroom, he is more inspired than ever, as it picks up the best VST’s and samples which fit together perfectly. ‘Picking the right sounds is one of the most important aspect of music productions’ he states.

Indeed, ‘Emperor EP’ sounds fresh from Eastern Asia, inspired by an enlightening trip to Japan. Like in the traditional Japanese garden, it provides the listener the deep sensation of the nature, that makes you feel in contact with yourself and your creativity.

As Saeonin believes ‘Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world’.