Promising Irish talent ORIAN releases ‘What Pulls You’

Irish artist ORIAN (pronounced: Oh / Ree /An) released his third consecutive single ‘What Pulls You’ and it is magical! As an alternative artist it can go either way, but this new track certainly steers towards Pop. From the arrangement to the writing to the vocals – it has the potential to become an earworm! It comes as no surprise that the up-and-coming musician has been receiving major radio plays and support across the board. The artist has also impressive touring credits to show for himself, having supported the likes of Bastille and George Ezra.

Any plugger will tell you to stay away from ballads, but then there came Lewis Capaldi and proved them all wrong. I have a feeling ORIAN falls into the same category – with an indie twist of course. His soulful vocals – striking in the verses and soft in the choruses – reveal many beautiful qualities. There is an effortlessness to his warm but edgy vocals. Paired with the haunting backing vocals, this track gave me goosebumps!

What also stands out is the emotive guitar melodies that lay the foundation for this soul-searching journey he takes the listener on. The track builds nicely and takes off with the big question in the hook ‘What pulls you in?’. The deeper meaning behind the track stems from battling inner demons and how he says they are always dealt with better together. Wise words indeed.
We look forward to hearing more from ORIAN!