Patient Lounge – “Places” Review

Patient Lounge, a four-piece band from Brisbane, Australia have made spectacular splashes in the intimate venues around their home country and now this progressive rock project bring us their uplifting and impactful new release “Places”.

The band’s sound aims to combine elements of classic rock, prog-rock, jazz and modern pop and this is reflected in Places. The vocals are uplifting and the melodies that make up the song have all the tenacity of raw live playing. The best thing about “Places” is the way the arrangement of the track compliments the vocals and lyrics. You feel captivated by the story in the song as well as the music and feel all the emotion the singer goes through from start to finish.

What’s worth noting in this song is the fantastic guitar riffs which give the song incredible life and make you want to pick up your own and jam. There is a beautiful instrumental that kicks before the final chorus which is emotional and impactful and worth listening to.

We highly recommend this song and this band!

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