Neo-Psych Project Oats utilises his multi-instrumental talents to revive sweeping phasers, smooth bass and a twisted acoustic sound in ‘Tiger Balm‘. Hailing from London, Oats has previously released three ambitious EPs over the years showing a developing character and comfortable approach towards a sound that so easily and usually would be swallowed up. The sonics match the glowing visual of the project, spirally and distorting your imagination of just how free the 60’s really were.

Oats provides interesting loops and demented drum signatures to create a relaxing atmosphere. Vocally dynamic and comparable to the likes of alt-rock/psych rock greats The Doors and Tame Impala, there is a creative fluidity that smooths over any rough edges to the track. Energising rhythmic patterns of modern electronica litter themselves throughout to bring the records premise up to date with various sub genre blends.

An exciting project that I’m sure has only begun to see the light of day. Oats references well and executes perfectly. Bringing old ideas into a fresh perspective and original sound to represent himself.