Not Now Norman – Little Frankenstien (The Franken Lee Remix)

Introducing Not Now Norman! this rock group has been getting some considerable attention over the past year. Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Foo Fighters, Ozzy Osbourne and The Pretty Reckless, the group have made themselves known with complex instrumentals and down and gritty vocal power. Today, we talk about their latest track, a remix of their renowned track, ‘Little Frankenstein’.

The band is comprised of Taylor Mitchell (Vocals), Bodhi Turnbull (Drums), Zander Brown (Guitar) and Lara Hindhaugh (Bass). Not Now Norman have been making an impact in latest rock bands to look out for. With features in NE Volume Magazine’s Top 10 Acts to See Live in 2021, winning third place in Artist of the Year Award on Nova Radio – and five of their tracks have been played on BBC Introducing in the North East in the space of just three months.

Their track “Little Frankenstien” has been their most notable hit and now has been remixed into an even punchier, powerful track. With its sassy, blunt and in-your-face attitude, this new mix has been well and truly Frankenstein’ed by Ally Lee of Mills Studios. The single itself speaks about lead singer Taylor’s rare bone disorder, which she calls Hereditary Multiple Exostoses, and her determination to succeed regardless. This is reflected in the lyric “It doesn’t prevent me from being the best me”. Its new sound symbolises a rebirth for the band both personally and professionally. It is a story that is at the heart of the band and thus this is the track to listen to in order to enter the world of Not Now Norman.

The influences of the band mentioned earlier are incredibly apparent in this track, with heavy, gritty instrument playing from the band alongside Taylor’s wide vocal range. The vibe of the track echoes the angst and the ‘raise the middle finger’ towards negativity that the bands mentioned are known for. The track takes you on a ride that excites, energises and lights a feeling of rebellion. With relatable lyrics, meaningful backstory and memorable hooks, this track is a guaranteed hit for all of you rock fans out there looking for fresh faces to the scene. We love this track and can’t wait to hear more from this amazing new band!

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