NONEOHONE – Deadman 160, Broken 150

Scottish in his DNA, Andrew Beveridge AKA Noneohone (spelled ‘none-oh-one’) moved to Melbourne in 2015 seeking hope in dream island. He brought with him simply an old-fashion laptop and a dodgy copy of Ableton to start making some heavy leftfield field. The result? Noneohone mixes classic analogue synths with strong processed field recordings and raw digital glitches. In other words, he has recently released two cutting-edge leftfield – jungle gems.

Influenced by LTJ Bukem, Coco Bryce and Fanu, Deadman 160 is a real jungle explosion, characterized by Lo-fi drums over ghostly vocals and jazzy Rhodes chords. It begins with a very romantic and nostalgic row of melodies, adding vocals in the middle, to take off exponentially towards the middle end. It makes you feel spiritually empowered.

Noneohone defines Broken 150 as ‘Melodic and Complex, giving homage to the 90s’ ravers Yusef Dayes and Burial’. Indeed, it is full of personality right from the warm up: quite atmospheric at the beginning, it develops significantly in the middle, where you can easily hear the drums kicking with a beautiful voice in the background. It creates a lot of suspense, involving the listener in an electric vortex until the end.