Nicky Murray – It is So Review

Scottish singer-songwriter Nicky Murray has been writing and recording music for around 8 years. 2014 saw his debut album ‘Plenty More Weeping’ released which helped to put him on the map. Having toured with/supported (in several different outfits) a wide range of artists from Martin Stephenson, JJ Gilmour and Elephant Sessions, Murray strives for expression and connection and this is encompassed in his latest release “It is So” available on all streaming platforms!

Murray brings a vulnerability in “It is so” with Glasgow’s Zoe Graham on harmonies. The interesting contrast of having expressive lyrics and distorted strings and spacey pads allow for a deeper dive into the mind of the song-writer as the track explores themes of longing and connection. The track highlights Murray’s vocal range with culminating with a beautiful a cappella at the end.

Murray’s lyrics are thought provoking and have rich substance and the instrumental works well in creating an ample ambiance for the harmonic vocals that make the track. As “It is So” is the result of Murray’s songwriting during the lockdown, it is clear that the track is a reflection of the songwriter’s thoughts and feelings about this gloomy period we are facing.

Nicky is working away carefully constructing his next record. He is usually found accompanied with coherent gentle string players, and the occasional harmony singer as shown in “It is So”. We recommend this track to all those looking for a relaxing, emotive voice to hit the feels and to watch out for what this talented singer-songwriter does next!

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