We are happy to introduce you to this interesting act we stumbled upon; Swiss electro-pop duo Mischgewebe. They’ve just released the fresh and quirky track – ‘Come Down’ which is about growing up and moving away from home and the melancholy that might bring. 

The duo consists of Bill Bühler and Melanie Danuser and came to be after Melanie needed a drum machine for a theatrical score she was composing. Because it worked so well they decided to merge their talents and in fact it worked so well that the duo won the Swiss music price bandXost in 2019 and we can see why.

‘Come Down’ is the duo’s second release and it’s a fierce and expressive track full of interesting electro sounds, synths and pleasing melodic guitars. It’s got a lot of drive with the trip-hop beats and the pushing sub bass.

Melanie’s vocal performance is surprising and impressive. She can go from pretty to howling with skilled precision and you believe every word she sings. 

We highly recommend this duo so make sure to stay updated on Mischgewebe’s journey by following them and listen to ‘Come Down’ below.