Mark Duggan returns with genre-bending ballad ‘Lullaby (I’ll Be There)

Hailing from Waterford, UK, Mark Duggan is a rare taste of freshness in today’s crowded music landscape. His latest effort ‘Lullaby (I’ll Be There)’ ingeniously blends drum machines with folk-inspired guitars and indie-punching vocals. Honestly, we really dig it. 

Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Joni Mitchel, Duggan began his journey in 2018, returning last year with two equally eclectic singles, fully committing to his genre-bending attitude. 

Self-recorded in Mark’s home studio, ‘Lullaby’ boasts a ballady essence, with a light retro flair; we then learn the aiming was to make it sound like ‘a mid-to-late 70s Bowie song, particularly some of the Berlin trilogy tracks’. The initial drum loop provides the inspiration for the whole track, with Duggan then adding a thin, lightly sounding guitar sound, particularly fitting the vibe. The real climax come towards the ending, when the songs built-up into a poignant climb, featuring a heartfelt slide-guitar solo, never obvious or intrusive. Lyrically, it’s a tale of simplicity and lovingness: “The song is about the narrator trying to provide comfort to someone who can’t sleep at night. The narrator can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to make it better, but they promise to be there the whole night until morning. The title became Lullaby (I’ll Be There) because though the lullaby may not work, it’s backed up by the promise of just simply being there with them.”

Count us in! Looking forward to hearing more, in the meantime discover Mark Duggan on Spotify: