All the way from Leipzig, Germany we have the indie-pop quartet Bogislaw which is made up of; Johannes Rissler (vocals), Christopher Klatt (guitar/synth), Philipp Korn (bass) and Jonas Schneider (drums). The band got together back in 2012 and has had a little changeover of drummers since but is now complete with Schneider in the seat.

Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Massive Attack and Feist – Bogislaw have spend the past years to emerge and develop their own unique sound.  

‘Ariel’ is their first ‘home-made’ production and was done online with each members recording their instruments by themselves or with Christopher. 

It’s a very interesting electro-pop track that has a nice mellow vibe to it. It’s packed with spellbinding synth sounds, punchy bass lines and clean guitars to contrast the many atmospheric layers. 

Bogislaw have with ‘Ariel’ created a dreamy underground track that with no doubt have the potential to be the soundtrack to a glorious night out.