New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Lexi Lemonade blends a wide array of genres, creating a sound as multi-dimensional as the upcoming singers’ personality. Discovering her love for music during college, Lexi produced a string of bedroom demos and in turn found her passion for expression through the medium of music. Fast forward to today and Lexi Lemonade has organically developed into the artist she is today. Her latest self-written release entitled ‘How Could I’ is a raw, introspective ballad revealing the importance of choosing self-love first, no matter the situation. 

Produced by A.King and MisaOnTheKeys, the song was recorded at MPowerRecords. The track opens with an atmospheric vocoder that sets the melancholic yet ethereal tone of the song instantly. Keeping the lyricism simple yet poignant, the track puts you straight in your feels in what seems like a tale relatable to most. Instrumentation-wise the sparsely emotive piano chords and hip hop beat leave a void that Lexi decorates with her smooth, thought-provoking lyrics. Another great addition to the young artists’ discography, we cannot wait to hear more Lexi Lemonade.

“At times choosing what is best for oneself can be an unpleasant task, but is so necessary nonetheless. I wanted to shed light on this fact, and the importance of paying attention to the way we feel.”

– Lexi Lemonade

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