Kirkland Jaxon returns with playful night-time banger ‘High Tide’

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Kirkland Jaxon is a rising staple in the future of Hip-Hop and Trap. His latest single, ‘High Tide’, included in a long album called ‘My Destino’, is both a tasteful hip-hop and pop piece, set to conquer a wide range of listeners, further advancing the talented trapper reach. 

Only 24 year-old, Jaxon was originally born in New York from a music family, with parents well into production, engineering and writing. Absorbing a big number of influences, from R’n’B to Mariachi and World Music, Kirkland fully allow his artistic ethos to wander freely, at to date he can boasts 5 projects released under his belt, together with international and national performances. 

‘High Tide’ surprised us positively. An upbeat and playful track, a 80s-derived bassline fits perfectly with a more contemporary trap beat. This characteristic only goes to further boost the vibe of the track, a night-time anthem. About the song, Jaxon explains: “High Tide is about only coming around or calling someone at night for lustful intentions, not wanting anything serious. High Tide came came together when I was in the studio with Phil Mango. Phil and I had created a couple of songs the day before making High Tide. When Phil first played the beat I wasn’t really feeling like it was my sound and even after recording I didn’t know what to think of it, but after time High Tide turned out to be one of my favourites.”

We are on board! Discover ‘High Tide’ on Spotify: