KELLALIT – Mind Control

LOS ANGELES, CALIF – DJ, Producer, and EDM artist Kellalit is releasing her next single ‘Mind Control’ on January 29th on all streaming platforms. The heavy hitting, slow, bass driven song highlights the emotion and frustration of being fed up and take listeners on the journey of taking back control.

She was classically trained in bass guitar and played in a jazz combo, while exposed to EDM. She also found a love for creating her own graphics and visuals in Cinema 4D which she uses in all of her projects.

‘Mind Control’ is certain to make listeners turn their heads and pay attention to what this artist has to say. ‘I represent female empowerment and this song says it all with heavy kick drums, strong bass and a powerful ad lib’ – said Kellalit.

‘My music is slow, it’s dark, it’s sexy, and most of all, it’s me,’ said Kellalit’. ‘I love to perform and I love to make visuals, as my love for Cinema 4D is almost as bis as my love for Ableton. If I could travel the world and share my art, my dancing, and especially my music with anyone willing to listen, then I have accomplished everything.’

We will make the first step, then!