Kat Kikta breaks free on ‘I Let You Go’

London based artist Kat Kikta is many things, but uninteresting is certainly not one of them. As a musician, actress and producer she has been stacking up the credits for many years.
Now, she is back with a new electronic album called ‘Moldavite’, which will be out this year. Having already released the first single, the ambient pop track ‘Déjà Vu’, off that project at the end of last year, she is now giving us the eclectic ‘I Let You Go’, which is out today.

Kat takes the listener on a journey of personal hardship and heartache, that will feel familiar to many. The concept of having to let go of a relationsship, that simply won’t work out. The disbelief when there is nothing left to do but set eachother free. This song carries a certain stillness, yet bares many sound layers and effects that are somewhat soothing. Everything that is going on in the back is exactly what pulls me in, as her beautiful voice sort of shares an inner monologue on letting go.

The production of this electronic piece is fairly elegant and accomplished. Especially the dynamics of the vocal stand out to me as they pull in and out continuously.

Overall, this track is all about the inner life of the artist and for the listener to get an insight into that world feels like a true priviledge.