Jordan Rys debuts with contemporary jewel ‘She Want Me Bad’

Officially launching his solo career, American artist Jordan Rys is now releasing ‘She Want Me Bad’, a bouncy, trap-flavoured single that doesn’t forget a good dose of pop-drenched melodies. Following up from previous collaboration, namely with Joongle and Bellum Tertius, hinting to a solo outfit in the malking, Rys is expected to perform a stellar trajectory to music stardom, in line with his exceptional artistic talent. 

Only 22, Jordan is no stranger to the music industry. Previously the frontman of trio ‘Three Guests’, he had the chance of crunching miles with numerous gigs and appearances, which have been described as “excitement, awe, and tears” by his fans. He is also a Tik Tok superstar, with 1.5 Million followers to date, and counting. 

‘She Want Me Bad’ is a very convincing debut. Featuring a very contemporary production, the track fully showcases the extent of Rys vocals and infectious songwriting, extremely flexible and relatable. About the track, he explains: “She Want Me Bad is a song I wrote about a year ago because someone told me they wanted a song they could dance to. I quickly whipped up the beat in less than an hour. I first had the track slapping with some 808’s but we changed it to a sub-bass later on. For my first single, I wanted to make something that had good vibes and would make people want to move. I use my girlfriend, Csenge Forstner, for most of my inspiration when writing songs. In this case, I wanted to speak on the fact that there is no greater feeling than to be loved. I believe I encapsulated this idea into a wonderful, lyrical journey through rhythm and melody.”

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more. In the meantime, discover Jordan Rys on Spotify: