JORDAN debuts with unique and fearless jewel ‘Anything Can Happen’

We don’t always proud ourselves to have found something special. But when we do find it, we make sure to share it with you all. We were lucky to come across JORDAN, an artist with a unique and special vibe. His debut single – ‘Anything Can Happen’ – is a rare soulful gem, equally intimate and transparent, allowing us to take part in the artistic feast and feed our ears with originality and freshness. Welcome to JORDAN! 

Hailing from Edinburgh, JORDAN is a singer, songwriter and a producer; patiently waiting to release his first EP on 12th March 2021, he got a piece of the glory already: ‘Anything Can Happen’ was featured more than 200 times on Amazing Radio, eventually reaching number 2 in the Amazing Radio USA top 40. 

A collaborative work with fellow Scottish producer Mastaki, the track takes on a particular shape, boasting a very minimalistic outlook but a dramatically meaningful core. A lo-fi, detuned piano resonates from afar, while JORDAN’s sharp and precise vocals float on top, conducting us on a slow-paced, haunted journey between razor synths lines and grounded low frequencies. Lyrically, we are in self-reflection territory. 

Delicious! Discover JORDAN on Spotify: