Johnny Welfare depicts one more day in ‘Paradise’ on his new track

‘Paradise’ is a slow jam by Dublin based producer Johnny Welfare. It is the melancholic vibe and repeated motive that attracts the listener to this loungy track. The single leads with a steady beat and good groove, barely needing any vocals. Only the short sentence ‘One more day in paradise’ is sung with heavy effects which mystifies the meaning behind it. The vocal melody is then embedded within the instrumental theme that follows until the end. The overall track has an experimental feel. Welfare isn’t afraid to go heavy on the synth and effects for this. Somehow the track reminds me of walking home at night in the rain only accompanied by streetlights.

Johnny Welfare, producer of Irish rap collective Róg Poets, has ventured out on his own and started releasing his music in 2020. His latest project ‘New Claim, Pt. 1’ nicely showcases a variety of angles from boom bap beats to slow jazz tunes, which ‘Paradise’ keeps up as his first release of 2021. The track beautifully proves that slow beats are still happening and gives Johnny a chance to show a different side to his listeners. It is a simplistic but meaningful track that leaves a sense of nostalgia and longing in the air. Excited to hear what other productions he has in store for us!