In these troubling times it’s easy to feel enclosed and cut off from the outside world. There is a countless amount of minds and emotions that exist out there and most, if not all of it creates conflict and stress within us.

It is this concept that I first associated with Buckinghamshire’s Hounds Haul and their single ‘The Roamer’ which recently gained a paradoxical accompanying new video. The 2000’s alt rock sound slots with ease into a flickering psychoactive purple display. Acting as a visual reactive to the bands up tempo bloc party-esque patterns, the vibrant flash of colour and hallucination follows that of frontman Adam Bosworth’s perception of his own mind and thoughts. Trapped within this black box that the rest of the band also find themselves in, Bosworth’s lyrics provide a false sense of hope despite his vivid imagination and what we see within the video.

Charismatic performances and creative use of limited recourses amongst current events, produced and formulated remotely from the rest of the groups members Jamie Smith – Bass, Alex Ablett – Lead Guitar and Rien De Keyser – Synth/ Keyboards. The Hounds Haul efforts are admirable and create a brilliant cornerstone of what is to come for the Depeche Mode meets Tame Impala project.

Watch the video for ‘The Roamer’ here: