Honey & Eve Underline The Symbiosis Between Humanity And Nature on ‘I Speak Through Storms’

Exciting new Pop duo Honey & Eve have only released their second single and the audience is already hooked! They amassed thousands of streams on their debut single ‘Stranger Soul’. Now they give us the zeitgeisty ‘I speak through storms’, that points towards nature’s importance in relation to humanity’s existence. The Berlin based duo aims to combine their music whilst raising awareness on important causes. And rightly so. Honey & Eve is made up of Hannah Ziezula, who lends her mystical vocals to the project, and producer Alex Khromov.

The track is underlain by a dark electronic arrangement. The lead vocal carries through this tale and with the added effects, catapults the listener into another sphere. Eerily beautiful, if you will.

Deeply influenced by Lana del Rey and Lorde, their sound certainly has its dark facets combined with their visuals. The pair only started working together at the beginning of 2020 – when the pandemic started. Sort of a dark age for the planet – it seems quite fitting that listeners can relate to their deep themes of pain, melancholy and nostalgia. On the back of their stellar beginnings, they are currently working on new music and we can’t wait!