HEMMA – Hometown Review

Hemma is the stage name Hannah Hebl, a singer songwriter that brings harmonic melodies to the stage with her acoustic sound. Raised in a family of singers. She toured with Adelyn Rose from 2012-2014. She then went
on to write and record as a solo artist, playing extensively in the Twin Cities and around the Upper Midwest United States from 2016-2020. Hemma has released her demo “Hometown” which we are excited to talk about today.

The first thing that is apparent in hearing Hometown is the callback to late 90s singer songwriter style. The Alanis Morissette vibes are apparent in this track and Hemma’s vocals shine through the acoustic sound. The lyrics are powerful, Hemma brings a vulnerability to the surface which is impactful.

“The demo is a sacred thing, and this particular demo was crafted in the span of 20 minutes. After an emotionally fraught Boxing Day, where texting felt like the only way to connect with loved ones”

These are the words of Hemma, speaking about how the track came into existence, like many songs over the past year, we see themes of longing for connection in these troubled times. Where connections are limited more virtually than in person. This however, does not stop the creativity of songwriting as Hemma has shown in this track.

Hemma’s music has been described as healing, with Hometown, we feel she encompasses this idea as we could all do with a bit of healing in these uncertain times, we love this track.

We highly recommend this for all to hear!