Today is a very exciting day, because today is the day the charming singer and songwriter Ellie Stokes aka Grooblen releases her 2-tracks EP ‘Dinosaur Plant/The Spider’. The EP comes after a string of releases spread over the past few years and most recently the single ‘Me & The Gal Twogs’, that came out in October, 2020.

With strong reminiscence to ‘Joni Mitchell’, ‘St Vincent’ and ‘Frank Zappa’, Grooblen plays around with different genres and expressions which is reflected in her unique sound.

‘Dinosaur Plant/The Spider’ was born out of Grooblen’s experiences with getting diagnosed with a rare optic nerve disease back in June 2020 and the reflections she’s made upon life and the ever-going need for humans to control nature.

‘Dinosaur plant’ is a delicate sonic landscape of atmospheric electric guitars that soars in and out of the soundscape, whilst an acoustic guitar lays the foundation, where Grooblen’s exquisite and warm vocals lie atop. With subtle latin references, this otherwise profound tune gets a lighter feeling that makes you want to drift away.

‘The Spider’ invites us into the struggles Grooblen’s goes through as she begins her treatment whilst she’s trying to come to terms with her new life. It’s a folky tune that with the repeating acoustic guitar and dreamy horns awakes resemblance to that of an old Bon Iver record. Simple yet masterly executed.

A true must listen for those of you that (like this writer) enjoy to be transported away into an introspective universe.

Highly Recommended!