The young talent Alicia Kruger brings renewed energy to keep the winter gloom – and the current lockdown – at bay. The London based singer and songwriter has with her latest release ‘Crush’ created a sweet up-beat gorgeous bop where you can’t help but feel good when listening to it. 

‘Crush’ is inspired by the 70’s disco era and you can hear a clear resemblance to Diana Ross. The track is full of synths and rich piano chords that adds a full sound to the musical canvas. Supported by the acoustic drums and colourful congas it brings just the right amount of organic into this playful track. On top is Krugers warm and soft soprano which gives ‘Crush’ that extra sparkle.    

The song is about having a crush and how you plan out your life through a slightly obsessive daydreaming. Kruger quotes: ”I thought it would be fun to switch the roles around and put a feminine touch on running wild with my fantasies.” – and we are happy she did because out came this fun loving song that’ll remind us to keep dancing through this cold season.  

Listen to ‘Crush’ below.