The young talent Vaeda Black has at age 19 already accomplished a great deal – with 5 singles released and a whole lot of streams we are happy to feature Blacks new single ‘Wake Up’. 

The singer and songwriter who grew up on the edges of New York has always been writing poems and fragments of lyrics so it was only a matter of time before she started adding music to them. 

‘Wake Up’ was written during quarantine and is a tribute to friends. Black was in her hometown after she had lost someone and every day was gloomy and on repeat but soon she remembered her friends and how they help make you forget everything else. Including audio clips of her friends talking in the mix is clever as it really gets the emotional essence across.

The verses are build around an electric guitar and a straightforward drum beat – all intentionally simple in order to create tension / release for the chorus. Black’s sweet and dreamy voice is the centre of the attention as she effortlessly draws the listener in and makes you want to stay.