Eric Vattima returns with rock-infused number ‘Reality’

Always crossing borders between hip-hop and rock-based tunes, Eric Vattima is slowly building a name for himself, thanks to constant quality and focus. Following up from his previous release ‘Friends’, he is now returning to more uptempo and distorted territories, thanks to the pop number ‘Reality’, taken from the upcoming EP ‘fears.’. 

Living in Nashville, Vattima is no stranger to songwriting talent. Having polished his craft with busking-style gigs during summers in Jersey Shores, it was Eric’s birthplace, Las Vegas, that initially put him on track to become an exceptional musical talent. 

‘Reality’ is by all means a showcase of what Vattima has to offer, from infectious and hooky choruses to a retro and yet contemporary sound. Vocals are the main character, gifting the track an overall pop quality. Lyrically, the American songwriter explains: “Reality slowly grew on me. It was mostly written to address the crippling idea of not being able to come to terms with rapidly changing environments. Lyrically, the song was meant to embody a lot of what runs through my mind on a daily basis”.

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