The London based singer and songwriter Hattie Marsh aka Erawan is one to keep an eye on. Although the eclectic singer only has two singles released she’s already well known within the European music scene and we can see why.  

She has played several Sofar Sounds, appeared at Glastonbury, and was personally booked by The Cure ́s frontman Robert Smith to play at Meltdown festival. 

She’s a skilled songwriter and with her interesting musical twists’ and turns you can clearly tell that Erawan is inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell and Björk. 

’White Noise’ is her second single and it’s a well-worked blend of alt-rock, indie-pop, punk-influences and jazzy horns. It’s a hypnotising and progressive track that with the electric guitars and horns projects a strong musical identity. Erawan’s vocals are powerful and haunting and delivers fascinating melodies and lyrics that’ll keep you engaged.  

Through the abrupt rhythmical guitars and soaring vocal lines Erawan builds tensions in the verses to bring us into an ecstatic and seductive state in the choruses.

Highly Recommend!