The young multi-talent Eiffe is a completely self-supportive artist. From writing and producing all of his music ventures to directing and editing his videos – the only 19 year old has already released a stream of diverse tracks.

Known to mix different genres Eiffe holds his foundation in hip hop and is after 2 years break ready to show what he has been working on.

‘Bad Side’ is the first of 5 singles that are leading up to his newest EP (2021) and is inspired by a relationship Eiffe had that led to heartbreak. It’s a Pop/Rap track that with the hip hop drums as the driving force, punk influenced electric guitars and catchy vocal lines has a strong impact on the listener. 

The young artist is very captivated by working with duality in his music and this is clearly reflected in ‘Bad Side’ with the fast paced instrumentation and emotive lyricism. 

Catchy and fresh Eiffe has created an electrifying track that shows a strong artistic direction. 

Listen below!