Edith pushes expectations up with A-List new single ‘Over It’

Hosting Edith on YMX’s pages is almost a tradition, at this point! We had the chance to feature the release of her EP Promises last summer. Now the London-based songstress returns with a brand new single, the dark-wave infused ‘Over It’, taken from her upcoming album. The track fully showcases Edith pop potential, opening the way for a more complete songwriting value and an augmented creative ethos. 

About the track, she explains: “This project I have been working on in 2020 is the best thing I have done so far. I am extremely excited to share it with the people who love my music. It has been a hell of a year but it taught me more than anything. The songs are precise stories or experiences I have dealt with, and I feel as if this album is one long story.” ‘Over It’ is definitely a big step up for the young singer, at only 21-years old she seems to have found her own internal rhythm, building on hype and expectations release after release.

Featuring an extremely catchy chorus, ‘Over It’ moves effortlessly between 80’s dark vibes, thanks to arpeggiated synths and pounding drums, and ethereal stabs and riffs, suddenly enlightening the track with high-energy pop content. The song is going into our personal release, confident to hear soon another gem from Edith. 

In the meantime, discover ‘Over It’ on Spotify: