We are happy to present you to the exciting London based band Galactic Dust. The band that consists of Alfie, Mattia and Noam got together in 2018 and spend the first years crafting their material until 2020 when they released their firsts singles that were highly praised by Fame Magazine and Mystic Sons.

Galactic Dust is one of those multi-talented bands that does everything themselves. From creating the music (obviously) to the iconic looks and outfits that features in their press photos and their music videos – they just have that special something.

Their eclectic sound fuses indie pop with afro beats and nostalgic 90’s sounds, that ultimately becomes exhilarating and dreamy tunes. 

With their latest release ‘The Pizza Song’ they have created yet another thrilling and fun loving tune. Explicit female empowering lyrics are excellently delivered by Noam as juicy bouncy beats and exquisite guitar riffs brings you to your feet ready to dance. 

A truly well crafted and interesting track that certainly will put a smile on your face.

Listen to ‘The Pizza Song’ below!