David Baron releases ballad ‘Don’t Give Up’ featuring prodigy Fiona Glenn

US-Composer and multi-instrumentalist David Baron has impressive credits to his name. He has worked with all the Pop greats, including Shawn Mendes, The Lumineers, Meghan Trainor and so on. Usually adding his magic to big hits, he also creates original music, which has amassed hundreds of thouands of streams.

More recently he releasesd his acclaimed album ‘Whisperers’ including the title track featuring 16-year old Fiona Glenn. In the past few years he’s become a mentor for the young artist. Her voice on his music seems to be becoming a recipe for success. Their previous collaboration achieved over 300K plays on Spotify and their new single ‘Don’t Give Up’ has the potential to achieve the same.

The delicate ballad is carried by David’s beautiful piano performance and Fiona’s emotive vocal rendition of a song that is very close to David’s heart. A modern production that complements the songs retro soul feel. He wrote the song for his wife, who was supporting him through a difficult time in his life. The words ‘Don’t Give Up’ are deeply personal in that context.

His hope is that the song might help others who feel hopeless too. The song is being rounded off by a powerful forty-piece string section. Certainly the cherry on top of a meaningful song. We can’t wait to hear more from this promising duo.