Musician Chris D’Lima is back with his 3rd single – the über cool track ‘Denial’. Originally written back in 2013 the track has gone through many shapes and forms since then but wasn’t complete until D’Lima introduced it to his friend Djamel Cencio at a networking event and they started co-producing it. 

Born and raised in London D’Lima has always been very active within the live music scene with some years having more than 100 performances in a year. He also has a very popular TikTok account ‘TheFxckingMathsTutor’ with 66K followers where he uploads math tutorials. 

With his latest tune ‘Denial’ D’Lima spoils us with a striking and experimental pop song that will make for an excellent night out post Covid-19. Crunchy and surprising beats creates the foundation along with the explosive synths as D’Lima offers a very strong and catchy top line that will stay with you for days. 

Listen to the hypnotising tune below!