Caroline Gustavsson: ‘CHANGES’

Telling a story is the most basic root of music as I would see it. Whether it be to express a tragic tale of love or a darker memory you couldn’t directly say. Caroline Gustavsson uses her award-winning songwriting skills (gold and platinum singles around the world) to create a majestic tale of her own. It’s an inspiring change of mind for both songwriter and listener in ‘Changes‘ as an uplifting chorus intertwines with a clean and powerful vocal melody. Balancing the sometimes emotional lyrics with a feel-good acoustic, groove at its core. In 2018 Caroline released her debut single as an artist, called ”Breaking down my walls”.

Her music is genuine and heartfelt, with thoughtful and poetic lyrics at the core. Her smooth yet distinctive voice gives character to her songs giving her a recognisable quality.

When I wrote this song it was like having a heart to heart conversation with a close friend, trying to cheer him or her up, though instead, it was a conversation with myself. Life felt very challenging at the time and I couldn’t really see how or when things were going to get better. ”

Caroline Gustavsson