Brioni returns with dream-pop jewel ‘Mayday’

Following up from last year’s single ‘I Think’, multi-artist Brioni returns with a more minimal, dream-pop infused number, the electronic gem ‘Mayday’. 

Always balancing between visual art and music, Brioni likes to define her creative process as ‘Synesthesia’. In her work, sounds and visuals are combined to entirely reflect her personal philosophies and inspirations, with the Water element carrying a pivotal position: it’s malleability and solidity in equal measure, forming the crux of her subject-matter.

Written much earlier than the virus spreading, ‘Mayday’ focuses on the pressure to look at the world with blind optimism, when you actually feel hopeless. “There is so much social pressure to be (or appear to be) ‘happy’ that we can actually feel shame when we aren’t.” And when you meet someone who is struggling and who is unconsciously harming someone else “I was feeling reddish-blue/Thinking what you could do/ Things I never run into” you feel like you have to act to help them and the people around them. 

“Mayday” is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal. “However” – Brioni explains – “this track is a shout out to everyone who is struggling with mental health on their own or in relation to people they know and they want to help. A positive outlook talking about the togetherness “Likely we were in 2/Strong enough to make it through”. 

A ritualistic, somewhat monotonous sample carries her vocals, which possess a distinctive quality that cuts through the pounding percussive elements of the song. The artist’s desire to break boundaries in her work is furthered by her use of the voice that is matching “Mayday” texture perfectly.

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more! In the meantime, discover ‘Mayday’ on Spotify: