Bobby J returns with a tropical-infused banger: ‘Body Of A Dancer’

Following up from his 2018’s single ‘Alive & Free’, championed by the likes of BBC Introducing, Bobby J is now returning on the scene with a more tropical and upbeat attitude, thanks to the banger ‘Body Of A Dancer’.

Bobby J has quite a unique story behind him; an early musical talent, he went through a few different projects, before landing to his final present moniker. Based in Stoke-On-Trent, he run a successful rap trio called ‘The Gar’, earning the attention of multi-platinum selling producer Herb Middleton. Phasing through a solo-act phase, under the name ‘Blacker Than Gold’, Bobby J left music for a while, enrolling in the Royal Marines and then pursuing a career in fitness. After returning in 2018, he is now once again showing his class and musical taste, with a single set to amplify his artistic reach. 

‘Body Of A Dancer’ was written during a stay in the Caribbean, in collaboration with singer and dancer Flash Baker, and produced by hit-producer ‘Mantra’. The highly tropical vibe greets the listener with a call to dance, while Bobby J precise vocal flow sits perfectly on top of the track, showcasing his notable rhythmic skills. Lyrically, the track focus on Bobby J personal experiences in dating dancers, building an incredibly sensual track, accompanied by a well-crafted music video.

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